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The real estate market is crazy right now. Properties in some markets are being sold before they even hit the MLS. With travel having slowed, the trend is for more people to stay local and, therefore, look for properties that are an upgrade from what they currently own. Or, they are looking for properties that are within a day or two worth of driving to be used as a home away from home.

Inside the pages of this issue are fabulous Waterfront Properties on pages 48-49 and Desert Dream Homes on pages 54-55. These are just a sampling of what our realtor partners have to offer. To see more, make sure to visit or follow us on any of our social media channels. There are thousands of properties being offered for sale by some of the top real estate professionals in the industry.

— Thomas L. duPont, Publisher Emeritus

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Featured Property

Ocean View Beauty Built to Last

By Linde Hyder

Nestled along 18 miles of Texas shoreline is a coastal town where the vibe is laid-back and the lifestyle is easygoing. Set against a backdrop of warm Gulf water and soft Texas sand lies the epitome of island life, filled with an unlimited range of recreational opportunities from sport fishing to dolphin watching and from seaside golf to boutique shopping. Known as ‘Port A’ to locals, this casual beach community provides the perfect setting for an 8,099-square-foot wonder that combines the best of island life with the finest luxury accouterments.  View Listing

Waterfront Oases

By Alyssa Mammano

Endless vistas of ocean blue waters, the soothing sounds of waves crashing ashore and the sun kissing your skin as you step outside are surely the initial allure of an idyllic waterfront oasis. Yet, what draws you in is amplified by a myriad of extravagant amenities that waterfront living has to offer. Unrestricted admittance to private beaches and shorelines, immediate access to dockage and watersports, and lavish accouterments in gated waterfront communities; these are the luxuries that keep waterfront homes off the market and homeowners happy. Fantasies of a tropical paradise or, perhaps, a quiet lakeside sanctuary are the envy of many and so, we showcase the market’s top-tier waterfront oases on offer across the nation.  View Listings

Desert Dream Homes

By Alyssa Mammano

Desert dwellings are often unique in architectural structure and design, in that many are constructed to blend the abode with its surroundings and blur the lines between indoor and outdoor living. With amiable climates, abounding wildlife and adventure at your doorstep, it is of little wonder why many dream of residing in the desert.  View Listings

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