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The real estate market is definitely seeing an ongoing transformation between being a buyer’s market and a seller’s market – even in the world of luxury real estate. In either case, it’s great to see people wanting to expand their real estate portfolio with a second or third home, sell an existing property or purchase a new primary residence. No matter what the motivation is behind the transaction, as always, turn to duPont REGISTRY as the reliable, go-to source for expertise in the luxury real estate arena.

— Thomas L. duPont, Publisher Emeritus

Featured Properties

A Piece of St. Paul History in the 21st Century

“Carl Schuneman, an attorney and heir to the Schuneman & Evans Department Store in St. Paul, commissioned the architectural partnership of Allen H. Stem and Roy H. Haslund to build his family’s new home in the early 1920s. Stem is most well-known for designing Grand Central Station in New York with his partner, Charles Reed. The two also designed many local landmarks, including the University Club, St. Paul Athletic Club, and St. Paul Hotel.”  View Editorial

The Greatest Luxury of All—Relationships

“When it comes to the business of indulgence, hostess and entrepreneur Lauren Berger knows that it’s all personal. Maybe we’ve become too cynical. Ask fellow guests at your next cocktail reception for one word to describe what motivates the world’s most successful business owners. You’ll hear responses like driven, ruthless, hyper-focused. Rarely if ever will you hear the word that drives Lauren Berger. Love.”  View Advertisement

Highlands Estate on Bowery Road

“One of the finest estates available in Highlands! High Rocks features gated access to a large private 3.6-acre lot with stunning views of Whiteside and the valley vistas beyond.”  View Advertisement

Serene Waterfront Summer Home Havens

By Alyssa Mammano

“Along the shores of white, sugary sand beaches and glass-like lakes lie the unsullied, untold secrets of private waterfront havens. Ideal for vacationing and even more optimal for an extended stay, these summer home destinations are chart-topping coastal communities for their serenity, family-friendly entertainment and vibrant nightlife. Upscale amenities, lavish dining and boutique shopping are available in each of these waterfront summer home havens.  View Editorial

The Epitome of Lake Life Awaits

By Linde Hyder

“Exquisitely positioned within the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Lake Burton sets the stage for lake life at the highest level. Spanning 62 miles of pristine shoreline, the 2,775-acre lake is located just two hours from Atlanta and just minutes to the quaint community of Clayton. This emerging town has become increasingly popular and features a variety of upscale boutiques and unique dining experiences.  View Editorial


The Top Ten Waterfront Properties

Masterful Man Caves: duPont REGISTRY’s Top Five Man Caves

By Alyssa Mammano

“610 Los Trancos Road, Palo Alto, California | $96,800,000

A modern marvel, Los Trancos sets the bar for self-sustainability on a property that is all-encompassing. Boasting 20 rooms with endless amenities, this 32,000-square-foot architectural work-of-art would allow its owners to never have to leave the premises as it caters to one’s every need and desire. Not only does it offer five bedrooms and 7.5 bathrooms, it also features a pizza room, disco room with a dance floor, a spa complete with a sauna and massage parlor, a full-size sports court and the jewel of the estate; an ice arena that transforms into a tennis court with a pavilion and its own locker room. The combination of luxuries this home affords cannot be found in any other estate.”  View Editorial

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