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Dear Readers,

It is difficult to believe that we are already going to press with the November issue. It seems like just days ago that I was wishing you a happy new year. Maybe where you are the leaves have started to change and the tell-tale signs of Winter are approaching. Here in the Tampa Bay Area of Florida we have 3 basic seasons; Hot, Hurricane and Christmas. For some of you, the seasons may be observed by the beginning or ending of your favorite sport. For all of us though, we recognize this time of year as a season of thanksgiving. It is a great time to tell someone what they have meant to your life, either personally or professionally. With that in mind, it is appropriate to thank not only our advertising partners, but as importantly, you, our loyal readers. It is because of you that we have been able to pursue our passion to showcase the luxury lifestyle to the world for over twenty-three years with this publication. Thank you all.

— Thomas L. duPont, Publisher Emeritus

Featured Properties

Tranquility Located at RumPoint/Cayman Kai

“Located in the upscale community of Cayman Kai, this home is one of the most desirable beachfront homes in Grand Cayman, offering perfect sunset views.”  View Editorial

Osprey Beach

“When a New York City family of six needed an escape from the nonstop pace of Manhattan life, there was no better option than Kiawah Island. With nearly 800 miles between the two places, the distance provided a breather while the Island’s immeasurable beauty provided the calm.”  View Editorial

Purchasing Waterfront Properties

By Alyssa Mammano

“The picturesque setting of a waterfront home, whether on the ocean or at the lake, encapsulates the sentiment of a never-ending vacation. Waterfront properties come at a premium for good reason; limited inventory and strong resale value create high demand for these exclusive homesites. Living on the water offers a prime setting for family gatherings and entertaining, as well as day-to-day living. A plethora of activities are also at your fingertips when you live along the water.”  View Editorial


Winning in the Game of Real Estate

By Linde Hyder

A former National Football League player and Super Bowl champion with the New England Patriots, Jed Weaver knows what it takes to achieve success. Hard work, fierce determination and an unwavering commitment to results are key principles that have guided Jed throughout his career, starting in high school when he was recognized as an all-state standout in both football and baseball. These are the same values he brings to his work as a waterfront real estate specialist.”  View Editorial

Enjoy all the Privileges of Royal Elite Status by Royal Shell

“From the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina to Florida’s rolling horse country and sapphire Gulf coast, you’ll find some of America’s most exquisite homes and estate properties, all represented by Royal Shell Real Estate. At Royal Shell, “above and beyond” is neither above nor beyond. Simply meeting a client’s goals is not enough. Expect their agents to surpass them; anticipate what you need before you need it and advocate the most advantageous terms and sale price for your current home, as well as curate your next remarkable residence.”  View Editorial

The World’s Priciest Penthouses

By Alyssa Mammano

“In a realm where luxury is a necessity in order to elicit interest, penthouse living at the pinnacle of the market is other-worldly. The private lives of the world’s most elite luxury real estate buyers remain discreet, however, a glimpse into the top offerings of penthouses around the globe provides a glimmer of this sequestered lifestyle.”  View Editorial

The Top 10 Luxury Waterfront Residences