Equestrian Inspiration

By Alyssa Mammano

As majestic as an American bald eagle soaring through clear blue skies and as gentle and loyal as the family Golden Retriever, horses have been a visual inspiration and a vital part of history for centuries. We’ve compiled a list of luxury décor pieces for those who continue to be inspired by these impressive creatures both inside the home and out to the dressage arena on a sprawling equestrian property.

Photo credit: www.lladro.com

Lladró Handmade Porcelain

A leader in the world of design with a passion for porcelain, the iconic Spanish brand Lladró forms intricate horse-themed sculptures for the exclusive homeowner. The factory is located in Valencia, Spain, where each sculpture is meticulously hand-crafted. The artists painstakingly sketch and mold each original idea and then fragment the design into individually-reproduced segments. Some designs total more than 400 segments.

Photo credit: equestrianartuk.com

Vineta Sayer Equestrian Art

Latvian equestrian painter Vineta Sayer conceptualizes the movement and emotion that horses evoke, but she prefers for her works to be interpreted by each individual viewer. Beginning her full-time art education at a very young age, Sayer learned foundational artistic practices through respected Latvian artists. However, her journey to equestrian artistry was self-taught. Her unique process begins with small-scale sketches before putting oil to canvas. Bold brushstrokes and monochrome colors bring each of her paintings to life.

Photo credit: dumancic.hr

Hrvoje Dumančić Equine Art

Hrvoje Dumančić is a Croatian sculptor, born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1975, who specializes in bronze and aluminum equine works of art. His sculptures have been recognized with prestigious awards in Bosnia, France, the United Kingdom and the United States. Dumančić’s work has been displayed at nearly forty public and private international exhibitions across Europe and the United States.