Essential Accommodations for Luxury Guest Houses & Mother-In-Law Suites

By Alyssa Mammano

Well-appointed guest accommodations will feel like a luxurious home away from home for house guests whether visiting for the weekend or an extended stay. Spending time away from home should be a pleasant and positive experience for both the guest and the host. Whether a guest suite or a separate guest house is offered, visiting relatives and friends will feel like part of the family with these particular niceties.

Agreeable Aromatics

Reminiscent of a spa resort, pleasing aromatics and aromatherapy oils generate an agreeable aura within the guest quarters. Essential oils emit calming and healing qualities that can initiate the tone of an enjoyable stay.

Adjustable Ambient Lighting

Sources of natural and ambient light improve the sense of comfort and warmth within a suite or separate guest house. Achieving the proper balance of illumination without glare is artfully accomplished with a combination of chandeliers, recessed lighting and window treatments.

Personalized Temperature Control

Responsive airflow with capabilities for smart personalized monitoring allow guests the opportunity to set heating and cooling settings to their preferences. Noiseless diffusion provides a comfort guests will enjoy without distraction.

In-Floor Heating

Restroom accommodations are greatly elevated with the addition of in-floor radiant heating. Thermal circulation beneath cool tile flooring eases morning routines and gently alleviates cool temperature discomforts.

Spa-Like Shower or Bath

A rain showerhead, jetted tub and in-shower stereo system affords a luxurious way for guests to prepare for each day. Grabbing for a towel from the heated towel rack to dry off is an extravagant culmination of the experience.

Stocked Wine Cooler

After a day spent enjoying company, returning to a chilled glass of smooth wine is the quintessential way to spend an evening in. A selection of whites and reds to accommodate either preference is ideal.

Main House Connection

Whether it be a walking path surrounded by lush gardens, an intercom system for ease of communication or a shared patio or pool, guests will enjoy the option to join in on the homeowner’s company or retreat to a private space.