Studies Show Fire Features Bring Joy to Homeowners

By Alyssa Mammano

Fire and art combine to create a unique new feature trending in high-end homes. Fire features nod to the essential fire pit and elevate the concept with an artistic approach. The movement comes from elemental inspiration to incorporate earth, water, wind and fire into outdoor living spaces. Either adjacent to or even incorporated within a pool, fire features can take an impressive backyard with a breathtaking view and enhance it.

According to a study on the impact of features added during outdoor remodels conducted by the National Association of Realtors® (NAR), fire features earned a perfect ten score in bringing joy to homeowners. It is among the top ten residential outdoor features that homeowners and homebuyers wish to have. It is also among the top projects that are likely to add value to a property in resale.

Experienced luxury realtors have even suggested adding a fire feature to their sellers before listing the estate in order to add value, and buyers have said that the feature encouraged them to purchase the home. According to landscape professionals, the estimated cost of a fire feature ten feet in diameter is $6,000. NAR predicts a $4,000 recovery from the project, resulting in a 67 percent return on investment.

Homeowners have reasoned that fire features add to the amenities offered within their outdoor areas and improve the livability of the space. The project also incorporates a custom feature attuned to one’s personal tastes. Thirty-three percent of homeowners say the addition successfully individualized the home and added personality. A whopping eighty-three percent of those who completed a fire feature report a stronger desire to be at home.

Fire features in outdoor spaces can come in the form of fire bowls incorporated within the pool to appear to be floating above the water, or as a fountain bringing together both fire and water elements. Artistic fire features include metal and stone sculptures that integrate gas or electric burners, and wall mount works of art that also provide warmth. Custom pieces can be commissioned from famed visual artists who specialize in creating art with fire.