Golf Course Residences

By Alyssa Mammano

Considering a golf course property purchase? You’re in good company. It’s a buyer’s market for those looking to purchase a home within a golf community, whether as a primary residence or a supplemental property to broaden their portfolios. Premier U.S. greens underwent a major housing boom from the late 80s through the early 2000s, with many new developments arising at high-end courses. The saturated market is now compelling the communities to broaden their amenities in order to attract new buyers.


Experts say interest in these estates has increased recently, as well. As the economy recovers from the recession, luxury buyers are recouping their disposable income and looking to spend on supplemental real estate. Golf course residences make an ideal location for a vacation property, as recreation is on-site not only for the avid golfer, but for the whole family. Homes with the option to belong to a club will most often offer a clubhouse with dining, wellness services and social events.

While it may seem a wise choice to simply purchase a home on your favorite course, other practical factors will play a role in the decision-making process to find the best golf course community to take up residence. Perhaps the premier greens in your ideal destination also happen to be a substantial distance from the nearest grocery, airport or medical center. Or, the course of your dreams is only able to be used a small portion of the year in a climate with distinct seasons. Consider not only the course, but the location of the community, too.


The position of the estate in relation to the course is also a deciding factor. Most all aspects of a well-kept course will provide serene views, however, who will have a view of your home? If the residence under review backs to a walking path or high-traffic area, privacy may be lacking. The idea of living adjacent to a fairway seems ideal, but be aware of mowing and sprinkler schedules. Dual pane windows may be necessary to dull the crack of drivers, and foliage makes for excellent separation.

For the devoted golfer, the proximity to other quality courses will also be considered. While playing at the community course is convenient, having a variety of options keeps the game interesting. An optimal golf community will have a selection of quality courses within a reasonable driving distance. Due diligence in the selection process is sure to aid in finding the ideal golf course residence that is perfect for you and your family.