Hideaway Nooks in Your Luxury Home

By Alyssa Mammano

With today’s open concept designs and sightlines throughout your home into all family living spaces, sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a small escape within your luxury living quarters. A quaint reading nook under your staircase can be a sanctuary retreat. But to really get away from it all while still remaining at home, affluent homeowners are secretly installing functional hideaways beyond hidden passageways. From mock bookcases to concealed wine cellars, below are a few fun ideas for your luxury staycation.

Disguised Doorways

You’ve seen the movies; the adventurer adjusts a particular book on the shelf and the entire bookcase opens, revealing a secret passage. Well, bookcase doorways are no longer just a function of fiction. High-end homeowners have made special requests to their custom builders to install hidden doorways to obscure rooms within the home. These camouflaged passageways are actually more popular than you may have once thought.

Latent Liquor Cabinets

Mom and Dad’s clumsy liquor cabinet just grew up. From a concealed closet in the wall that opens when pressed just right, to a kitchen island disguising a staircase leading to an ambiguous elaborate wine cellar, secret alcohol storage always has a wow-factor. What’s more; they provide the perfect place to entertain guests and hide from the kiddos for a glass of vino, or two.

Safe Spaces

Personal and family security play a role in this category of hideaways. Luxury homeowners are protecting themselves, their families and their property from theft with private safe rooms. This type of refuge affords an impenetrable escape from gunmen and burglars. Safes can also store important documents and valuables that you want to keep at home and away from prying eyes. Whether an entire room or a small storage space, these hidden nooks can be masked behind walls and under floorboards.

Hideouts and secret nooks are an interesting way to add a little intrigue to your luxury home. They’re not only fun, but functional, as well. What type of secret passageway would you build into your custom home?

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