Never-Ending Summer with Biophilic Design

By Alyssa Mammano

With the summer season nearing a close, you may be feeling nostalgic about long summer days and balmy evenings coming to an end. But, there is a way to incorporate the outdoors in the design of your home’s interior so summer can stay with you all year long. This modern design trend is known as biophilic design, which incorporates nature into our living spaces. The philosophy behind biophilic design is based on sustainability and decreased environmental impact through architecture. Even if you’re not planning to build a new home from the ground up following this new design trend, there are still ways to bring the outdoors into your current home.

Windows, Windows, Windows

Windows play a huge role in inviting the great outdoors into your home by flooding interior spaces with natural light and serene views. Picture windows, skylights and folding glass doors are all ideal additions to your home’s design for form, as well as function. Natural light is a crucial part of reaping the benefits of biophilic architecture and while bringing plants indoors is an option, being able to view your natural surroundings in rooms where you spend the most time is also favorable.

Actually Bring Some of the Outdoors In

Looking out the window at nature is great, but you can also bring select features of the outdoors inside. Incorporate plants into your interior design to liven up a room and make a focal point out of a water feature. The sight and soothing sounds of fountains are a key component to biophilic theory. Living wall art is also a new trend that fits well with the biophilic design theory. Vertical gardens highlight living, growing greens hung on the wall in the form of an art piece.

Use Natural Materials

Some modern design trends are also incorporating natural stones and wood materials throughout the home. Reclaimed wood is a hot design fad this year and can be used in a multitude of different ways including feature walls, sliding barn doors and ceiling accents. Live edge stone countertops and open wood shelving are also considered high design. Tactile textures will stimulate your senses, which has been said to offer health benefits.

While the biophilic design theory may be a new craze, incorporating nature into architecture is a well-established concept. The philosophy has immeasurable benefits including improving your mood and health. Click the link below to view a home that has biophilic design down to a science!

This home has biophilic design down to a science!