Osprey Beach

When a New York City family of six needed an escape from the nonstop pace of Manhattan life, there was no better option than Kiawah Island. With nearly 800 miles between the two places, the distance provided a breather while the Island’s immeasurable beauty provided the calm.

Through Kiawah Island Real Estate, the family settled on the perfect home, perched oceanfront on the highly coveted Flyway Drive. They hired designer Courtney Bishop to create their dream getaway, who happened to spend her childhood summers on that very island.

The result: an intoxicating blend of classic oceanfront design and upscale style and sophistication. A total renovation from the ground up was recently completed by acclaimed architect and designer Mark Maresca. With a blank canvas and the Atlantic Ocean as the backdrop, Maresca and Bishop created a coastal haven that takes full advantage of the home’s natural surroundings, embracing its panoramic seascape vistas by realigning rooms to focus on the ocean and emphasizing natural wood throughout the interior. Bishop added to this with a tonal palette and tactile textures, bringing the outside in and providing a cohesive feel.

From the lushly landscaped long entry drive and gracious front porch to the airy two-story entrance foyer with spectacular views of the Atlantic Ocean, this home beckons one and all in a welcoming and playful way. With a modern and refined aesthetic, each floor has a distinct personality that allows both livability and privacy. The first floor with bunkroom, playroom, family room and guest suite overlook the pool and is a haven for family fun, while the second-floor features understated elegance in the shared living spaces—kitchen, dining, great room—that deliver peace and tranquility. The third floor is fully dedicated to the master suite, a sunny and serene space with exceptional views of the Atlantic Ocean. This coastal retreat entices each and every one in an alluring way.

Kiawah Island Real Estate