Unequaled Equestrian and Ranch Properties

By Alyssa Mammano

Impacting the economy by $50 billion, the horse industry within the United States is substantial. According to the National Economic Impact Study conducted by the American Horse Council Foundation, nearly one million people are directly employed in equestrian-related fields, including veterinarians, trainers, caretakers and ranch owners. Undoubtedly, equine enthusiasts in the U.S. are passionate about their horses and providing the best care possible for these magnificent animals.

Approximately 7.2 million horses are estimated to reside within U.S. borders, making equestrian and ranch properties a definitive necessity to house and care for horses across the country. A total of 32 million acres of land are owned for equestrian use and about 49 million additional acres are leased for a similar purpose. Privately owned high-end equestrian properties often encompass several barns for keeping horses comfortable and arenas for show and competition training. Trails throughout the property provide for more laid-back riding.

Nearly two million people own horses nation-wide and a fair amount of the horse-owner demographic is considered to be wealthy. About 28% of people who own horses report incomes exceeding $100,000 annually. The market for luxury equestrian and ranch properties is vast, with opportunities ranging from small towns to large cities and everywhere in between. While every state caters to horses and their human counterparts, three states lead the pack in the number of horses they each house: Texas, California and Florida.

Equestrian estates within these three locales, as well as other states across the country, often focus on amenities for the horses. Spacious barns outfitted in luxurious finishes and ample lighting accommodate the horses overnight and during inclement weather. Outbuildings are used for feed storage and to keep necessary equipment secure. Sturdy fencing and structures to provide shade are required throughout all horse-occupied areas, as are sufficient water and feeding accommodations.

Styles and layouts of the main home may differ according to homeowner preferences. Many high-end equestrian homes are furnished with top-of-the-line appliances, fixtures and finishes. Explore options to suit your style among the properties to follow.

Top Equestrian Estates

Wellington, Florida
Equestrian Sotheby’s International Realty
David Welles | 561.313.9123

Ocala, Florida
Joan Pletcher Real Estate Network
Joan Pletcher | 352.266.9100

Aldie, Virginia
RE/MAX Real Estate Connection
Eric Feldman
703.754.4341 | 760.504.4987

Aiken, South Carolina
Carolina Real Estate Company
Courtney Conger | 803.645.3308
Randy Wolcott | 803.507.1142

Greenwich, Connecticut
William Raveis Luxury Real Estate
Janet Milligan Associates | 203.524.3029

Wolf Lake, Mississippi
Powers Properties
Pam Powers | 601.831.4505

Aiken, South Carolina
Carolina Real Estate Company
Jack Roth | 803.341.8787

Middleburg, Virginia
Hunt Country
Sotheby’s International Realty
Lisa Thompson | 703.443.1757

Ocala, Florida
Erik Nygaard | 917.609.6409