Waterfront Activities

By Alyssa Mammano

Wanderlust induced travelers and waterfront homeowners alike take to the open sea in pursuit of water activities to soothe the mind, body and soul. Cruising along the Intracoastal among sights of swaying palm trees and sweet summer breezes is a splendid pastime with both family and friends. Water sports enthusiasts looking for a thrill may chase monstrous waves, racing to beat the plunging break. Or, those looking for a great workout might plan a kayaking or paddleboarding trip through the mountains, with whales breaching nearby. Journey the globe along with us to uncover the best destinations for water activities around the world.

Boating in Boca Raton, Florida

Adjacent to the wide-open waters of the North Atlantic Ocean, Boca Raton, Florida hosts boating adventures of all genres. The Waldorf at Astoria suggests private boat charters for any occasion, from birthday brunch cruises, to sports yachts for fishing trips, to race boat thrill rides. Exclusive boating events provide guests with a multitude of amenities, which include fishing bait, beverages, meals and professional mates. Groups of all sizes will be accommodated on vessels ranging from 35-78 feet in length that can host groups of up to 125 passengers. Experienced boaters, as well as seafaring tourists can take to the open ocean for a wonderful evening spent at sea.

Kayaking in Iceland

Amid some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery, seasoned kayakers can take a guided tour through the mountains of Iceland. With comfortable accommodations at each stopover, more energy can be spent taking in the scenery on the luxury BOREA Glacier Fjords Kayaking tour. An excursion through the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve reveals wildlife concealed off the beaten path and picture-perfect, snow-covered mountain ranges. The guide doubles as a chef for his group, cooking up fabulous cuisine for each meal. Sauna accommodations are available in the evenings to warm up and wind down while soothing sore muscles from the journey. The views experienced along the journey are like no other.

Surf’s Up in Costa Rica

The surfing experience in Costa Rica is unmatched at Kalon Escuela de Surf; a luxury surf resort that serves gourmet organic meals and offers relaxing massages between surfing lessons. This amenity-filled week-long vacation includes private surf lessons from resort staff on uncrowded, pristine sandy beaches. Gourmet chefs serve up all-inclusive meals fresh from the organic garden with locally-sourced flavors. Professional masseurs provide a relaxing mid-week massage to decompress from the long days spent catching waves. Vacationers can also take a relaxing Pilates class on the beach or attend a local coffee tasting. If pure relaxation is preferred, the poolside and a good book beckon.

Waterfront destinations offer the unique opportunity to take pleasure in exciting water activities of any preference. The ability to be on the water, whether it be boating, surfing, kayaking or any alternative, has a way of bringing the peacefulness of the sea to one’s soul. The most magnificent scenery to behold is found on the water’s edge.