West Coast of Florida Design Trends

By Alyssa Mammano

Florida is going light and bright; at least that’s the case according to the top west coast of Florida design studios. Whites, grays and taupes are consistently taking the reins, while darker tones take a back seat. As bright as the Florida sun shines outdoors, that is as bright as full-time and part-time Floridians prefer their indoor décor to be.

Interior décor has proven to be a deciding factor in real estate transactions, as darker paint colors and oversized, dark furniture can make a home feel smaller. Alternatively, lighter walls and neutral, right-sized furniture can make a home feel more expansive and pleasant. A simple color change in wall paint can quickly sell a home that has been sitting on the market needlessly.

Neutral paint colors and staple furniture pieces allow homeowners to use color in their décor and accent pieces, which really ties a room together and creates a cohesive look throughout the home. Designers and do-it-yourselfers individualize with beachy themes in light blues, turquoise and green hues layered on lighter textiles.

Many Floridians call the state their seasonal home and may own other properties up north. It’s common for people to hone in on Florida as their second or third home location for the cooler winter months. When they travel down to the south, homeowners are looking for a different style than what they may have in their homes up north.

While rich woods, dark stone textures and warm textiles create a cozy living environment in northern style homes well-equipped for beating the cold weather, Floridians don’t face the same type of extreme conditions. Homeowners who have brought their furniture down from their northern homes have even called the decision a mistake as they begin to design and decorate their west coast of Florida homes.

Even real estate professionals have seen a trend away from imposing architectural styles such as Tuscan or Mediterranean design. People are transitioning to appreciate the simplicity of cleaner, straight lines in Coastal Contemporary persuasions. There’s even a trend of de-Tuscanization coming to light that is hitting the west coast of Florida hard.

For those looking to sell a home or remodel a newly-purchased one, experts suggest salvaging and repurposing in lieu of a total gut job. Some suggestions are to have custom cabinets painted out and replace the hardware rather than tearing them all out. Distressed textures can even be smoothed out with spackling.

What can’t be updated should be ditched. Replace dark granite with a lighter quartz option, which is also much more easily maintained. Remove the hanging pot rack that disrupts sightlines and replace it with supplemental lighting. Peel down textured wall treatments and repaint in a neutral gray, white or taupe.

It’s easy to stay on-trend with cosmetic updates to your west coast of Florida escape. Just think light and bright, clean lines and simple style. Then, dress it up with bold colors and patterns on pillows, blankets and décor pieces. An ideal west coast of Florida oasis awaits in the pages to follow.